AFL Match

If you are totally submerged into AFL, Australian Football League, and its rules, have you ever thought of betting on the same? Well, for your information, the Australian Football League is the only platform in sports category where high betting is made not only in Australia but through the world. Knowing as the best sport which is embraced by the people around the globe, it is the same sport were more than 1.25 million bets. There are a lot of bets you can keep on an Aussie, to make it very clear, we are providing some of the bet you can make when the game is on!

Head to Head Betting

Head to Head Betting, is also known as the money line betting. To simply put, this is the type of bet on which of the teams would win the tournament. For example, during the 2008 afl finals, Hawthorn was heavily bet on to win the AFL.


Line Betting

Line Betting is a handicap or point spread representing a match. This kind of bet promotes a better incentive and money on a contest. The point spread allows you a greater chance of winning than taking the handicap.


Total is also known as the over/under bet. This kind of bet is mainly based n the points gained by the winning team during a match. The wagers can bet on two major criteria, which are under and over. The former is if you think that the total amount of the points gained by the team you bet is lower than the particular digit given and the later will the under the digital given.

Margin Betting

This kind of betting and wagering is very significant in AFL game. This kind of bets permits you to guess and bet for how much point your desired team would win.


This kind of betting process is different from the other betting options given in the list. Here, the wagers can bet as a slide, line, and also the total bets. These bets will only rely upon the quarter game and are not based on the fool game. This is relatively much great options of rather wagers as the chances to win the bet is more as you don’t have to wait till the game is over.

Live Betting

Live Betting

Live Betting is mainly a type of bet which is in progression. This is one type of bet where you can watch the game and bet. The advantage of watching is that you will know the flow of the game and permits you to bet accordingly. At the end of the season, you will know which team is going to win.

Proposition Bets

In addition to the AFL game betting, there are also alternative bets you can make on the game like player props, first score, and the number of goals hit by the players, etc.


Last but not the least; it is none other than the Futures. Just like the name indicates, this type of betting for future results. One of the categories of betting is to predict which team is going to win the match.

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