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It is not news that the fans fever for the great AFL is from all parts of the world. When we say this, we mean not only the non-VIPS but celebrities as well. There is a huge fan base for various teams of AFL. The list starts from Barack Obama to Cam Newton. The list is just never-ending. In this session, we will be talking of such celebrity who is found of the greatest AFL tournament. Without much ado, let’s get to the topic.


Western Bulldogs team is one among the teams who have got crazy fan mania, three of the famous personalities who are mad about the Dogs are  Julia Gillard, Australian Former Prime Minister, Chris Hemsworth (Actor), and Merv Hughes.  Julia Gillard is known for collecting the No. 1 Season ticket holder.



The next n the group is WEST COAST. How can we say that the WEST COAST is having the most supporter’s and fans around the celebrities? Well, Former US President, Barack Obama, Daniel Ricciardo, Danny Green, the famous boxer, and Damien Oliver, a three-time Melbourne Cup Holder, these famous people are crazy when it comes to  WEST COAST!


Oh, My Sydney! The team has some amazing fans starting from Nicole Kidman, who is an Academy Award-winner, has also titled herself as the Sydney’s Club ambassador. Delta Goodrem melody in her voice and crazy over the Sydney club, the singer and actress, Delta Goodrem is a huge supporter of the club. Last but not least it is Ian Thorpe! Holding a five-time Olympic Gold Medal, Ian Thorpe is also a huge fan of Sydney!


What do we have here? Everybody knows who Shane Warne is; yes the legendary cricket player is a great fan of the club named ST KILDA. He has had made an attempt to join the club under the 19s category, but soon left and joined concentrating more in cricket. But, even today he is the greatest fan of Saints. Other VIP fans comprise of Eric Bana, Molly Meldrum, Michael Klim, and Samuel L. Jackson.



Since we have mentioned Barack Obama as a supporter of WEST COAST, you might wonder which category Newton belongs. Cam Newton is a great supporter of Richmond. Other celebrities include Russell Crowe, who is also one of the owners of South Sydney Rabbitohs. We can also include Greg Norman, Rod Marsh, and Dennis Lillee.


Hugh Jackman has found a special interest in the PORT ADELAIDE, which later made him a great, supported a crazy fan of the same club. Other fans of the club include Stuart O’Grady, who is also a club ambassador, as well as Ben Folds.



Last in or list is none other than NORTH MELBOURNE. Mark Webber, who is a former Formula 1 Driver, is an ardent fan of the club. Along with Mark Webber, there is another famous personality who emerges from a cricket background who is a passionate and ardent supporter of the North, the former Australian cricket captain, yes! You have guessed it right. It is none other than Ricky Ponting.

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