Why coaches are important in a football game? Is similar to asking why do schools need teachers? Be it teachers or coaches, both of them play a significant role in shaping our character and increasing our ardent pleasure towards the sport. Football coaches especially play a vivid role in the life of each football players. These coaches help the players by instructing, motivating, correcting, and also organizing each of them to give their best shots on the field. With experience and history of success in football space, the coaches work with players of all age marking from newbie to professional players. They should have a keen knowledge of the game plan, tips, and tactics. This article will talk more about such coaches who have made history in the football hall of fame.

Norm Smith

Norm Smith is titled as the coach of the Team of the Century and the one who changed the facet of the game in the mid-1950s and the 1960s. He is known as the epitome of grit and a good example of attaining discipline throughout his life as a coach. He is also known for achieving five premierships following the seven Grand Finals. Both he and his brother have taken the immense struggle to change transform the game.

Ron Barassi

Ron Barassi

Known for winning North Melbourne’s first two premierships and two flags at Carlton, Ron Barassi, is known as one of the game innovators of the century. One of the massive Grand Finale ever recorded in the history is put forward by the effort taken by him. He failed to provide success at Melbourne and after the retirement in the 1990s, he again came to the field to help the losing Sydney. Ron Barassi is known for his 54 winning achievement record.

Tom Hafey

An epitome of hard work and trust, Tom Hafey is the face that comes to the mind when talking about the unique roar of the Tigerland. He was more than a mentor to the team. He is appreciated for his hard work in various football games paving the way to great success. He holds four flags while working as a coach of Richmond, and is famous for uplifting the Collingwood team from the bottom to the Grand Finale back in 1977. He holds a 70 percent and 64 percent of winning overall respectively.

Kevin Sheedy

Kevin Sheedy

Like coach like the student. Kevin Sheedy’s icon, voice, mentors, and coach was none other than Tom Hafey. H was shocked when he came to know his mentor had retired. But, that only kept him moving forward.  Kevin Sheedy is famous for his ability to think inside and outside the field has made him be the coach for 27 seasons for Essendon. He holds a special hand on winning the four premierships, especially for the Bombers.

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