To love any movie, the script and how the actor or the actress blends in with the character plays a major part in bringing the best screenplay out to the public. Just like that the priority is the same while watching any AFL game in the stadium or on TV. How the players in the team are united as one to bag the success and bring it-bag home is the basic aim of why we watch the football sport. Over the years, there are a lot of major and awesome players who have made it to the history chart of best players. Another vital tip to win the game for any players is to observe and input the tactics according to how the coach says. The following paragraphs will talk more about some of the greatest players categorized under the winning ability, success rate, influence to the other players, an overall picture of the player. These categorizing is based upon the 21st-century performances.


  1. Has played 163 games, achieved 200 goals, and gained 96 Brownlow votes. He was also titled as the five-time All Australian Captain and categorized as two-times as best and the fairest.
  2. He was the definition of competitiveness and immense faith in his game made him succeed in big-time situations. He was titled as one of the dangerous players to match with as he has got a history of booting 44 goals in the consecutive 15 games in the year 2006.
  3. All these reasons made him the vulnerable and influential body of the previous as well as in the 21st decade.



  1. Has played 239 games, out of which he booted 177 goals, gained 124 Brownlow votes. He was titled four times and two times All-Australian and as the best and fairest respectively in his career.
  2. He was famous for his extraordinary skills and tactics which made him to the big- game picture in the year 2005. He played as the midfielder later the year he moved soon to be the defender of the game which made him and his team win the game and bagging the 2007 best and fairest award.
  3. Over history, there is no one than the MCLEOD who has ever shown this amount of grace and pleasure while playing the footy for the past 20 consecutive years.


His stats show that he had played 346 games o which he booted 194 goals, and also 131 Brownlow votes. His contributions to the league include achieving Four-time premiership Hawk, two-time best and fairest awards, titling as the two-time Norm Smith medallist and last but not the least three-time All-Australian where he served one as the captain period.


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