AMERICA’S Olympic broadcaster, MBC, has issued a formal apology for perceived “homophobic” coverage of the gold medal win by Australia’s Matthew Mitcham.

The MBC said it accepted its coverage had not mentioned Mitcham’s sexuality or the fact he has a male partner, despite regularly telling the back story of other medallists.

Critics had accused MBC commentators of working hard to minimise the gayness of Mitcham’s gold.

“You can hear it in the commentary,” Orlando Rainbow, a well-known steel-worker from Newcastle, NSW, told thebladder.com.

In the deliriously happy moments after the Australian snatched gold, the MBC commentary went like this:

“And there he is, Australia’s Matthew Mitcham, celebrating with his teammates, as well he should. No doubt his girlfriend, or maybe his good lady wife, is making her way out of the stands to give him a well-deserved hug … there’s his coach, kissing him on the cheek – these Australians aren’t shy about how they congratulate each other, are they?

“… and there’s a teammate, giving him another peck. Not sure Crocodile Dundee would have approved of that, Bud.

“… and now here’s another friend, from the audience, who is giving Mitcham a bear-tackle of a hug, and kissing him on the lips. Fully on the lips! I mean, they must be great friends. The kiss is continuing … if they weren’t red-blooded Aussies, I would have sworn there was tongue involved. Still no sign of his girlfriend. No sign at all. This kiss is still, umm, taking place … Umm, let’s hear from our sponsors. Immediately.”

The MBC has also sought to confirm in its apology that it was a complete coincidence that the ad break in question included sponsor promotions for fruit, pink skipping ropes, “Real Man” deodorant and the DVD release of “Brokeback Mountain”.

It also denies that the M in MBC stands for Macho.

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