ESSENDON has made sure fans are invited to tonight’s final training session of the year, giving Bomber diehards a chance to farewell departing stars.

Fans have embraced the club’s move, saying they can’t wait to tell Courtney Johns and other departing Bombers what they think of them, one more time.

“It’s going to be an important closure for everybody, I think,” Essendon cheer squad member Jerry Blitzstein told

“I’m fully planning to lean over the fence at training to scream to Johns that he’s a fucking hack and should get off the park now!

“Similarly, I’ll be letting Damien Peverill know how disappointed I am in him, his family, his sexuality, his dog, and everything else about him. I mean, if I leave it to the weekend’s final game, he might not be able to hear me.

“Depending on whether he is within lumbering range, I might give Mal Michael a spray too, for wasting all of our time since moving south.”

However, Blitzstein admitted he would not be launching into another involuntary retiree in Jason Johnson. “What are you? Nuts? I’ll be saving my vents at Johnson being too old and too slow for the weekend, when I’m one of 40,000 faces in the crowd and he can’t jump the fence.”

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