Once in your lifetime, you must experience what it is to watch the football match from the stadium. It is a heavenly experience to be apart of the massive Mexican wave and watch your favorite players on the field running for the ultimate legendary cup! You don’t have to be a football to experience and enjoy these moments. While talking about the football match, here in this article, we will talk about the great Aussie footy. For those who don’t know, Aussie, Australian Football League, AFL, is one of the greatest league where several fans around the world gather at Australia to watch and enjoy the massive football war. Buckle up your seat belts; we are starting our trip to understand how AFL was formed and what the objective of AFL is.

Bit of History

AFL was previously known as VFA, Victorian Football Association. It was renamed to AFL in the year 1990. The league was established in the year 1877, the match took place between many clubs comprising of Melbourne, Essendon, Collingwood, Fitzroy, and many others. Even though previously AFL was male-dominated football sports, it was only after including females the game gained popularity across the world. When comparing to the other sports and games in the land, AFL is the most popular games which attract a lot of fans and audience around the globe. The most excited and awe factor is that every day before the Grand Finale, the country will be given a public holiday.



Not only Australia, but other 13 countries also play the league since AFL has a bond agreement with these countries. These countries comprise of USA FL, Danish Australian Football League, New Zealand AFL, AFL Germany, AFL Samoa, to name a few.

AFL Overview

The sport is played with two teams having 18 players competing and struggling to be the star of the day. The main aim is to kick the football, which is oval-shaped, between 4 goalposts. The players can kick or punch the ball to pass it to other players but are not allowed to throw the ball at any cost. Eventually, the team that scores highest points wins unless the match is declared as a tie or a draw match.

AFL is very popular in many parts of Australia, The below given are some of the places within Australia where AFL is encouraged.

  1. Victoria, known as The Garden State is one among the place where the people are engrossed in AFL. The state has given birth to 10 various professional football teams.
  2. Queensland, also known as the Sunshine State, is yet another state famous for its two professional football teams.
  3. New South Wales, nicknamed as The First State and The Premier State, is very famous for their two bets football teams.
  4. South Australia is another state which gave birth to the two powerful football teams.
  5. Western Australia comprises of two best football teams. The state is also known as The Wildflower State.


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