AFL Grand Finale

Awe-filled moment, the last-minute goal, the success run around the ground, the keep the eye on the ball expression, amazing performances, and the Mexican wave are a part of Grand Finale we may have experienced. There are a lot of funny, memorable, and hatred filled moments that happened during the Grand Finale match. Below we will discuss more a few of the many best AFL experiences during the Grand finale of the 21st century.


  1. The Undeterred Voss

It was in the year 2002 when this incident happened. during the second half of the rand Finale season in the year 2002,  Brisbane Lions team captain,  Michael Voss, was hurt brutally bruised by the raised -elbow charge from Scott Burns, from the team Collingwood. Even though he was hurt, fearless and steadfast, Voss stood up bounced and hit the ball to Simon Black. This made the Lions back in the game and won for two points. This backfired incident was the most celebrate done in the history of football.

  1. Daniel Chick

This incident took place in the year 2006 during the Grand Finale season between the Sydney Swans and the West Coast Eagles. Here, the Eagles were about to win by the one point, when the history happened. Daniel Chick rushed towards the famous Ryan O’Keefe from the team Sydney Swans. Chick kicked towards the Sydney’s eventually making it a win to the Eagles.

A Toe Poke

  1. A Toe Poke

Try mentioning toe-poke to any AFL fan and you can see their eyes describing the stories of the incident which took place in the year 2009. Crucial score levels, where both teams are tired and fired up to win. One side it is the St Kilda longing to break the drought season, and on the other side, it is Geelong to take the dominance over the football world when the moment happened. With the poke, Mathew scarlet kicked the oval-shaped ball right to the Ablett’s hand from there bouncing to Varcoe to Chapman and the game was on! Paving the way for the Cats to win ultimately for 12 points.

  1. Impressive LEO BARRY

It was during the year 205 when the Swans, Sydney Swans, were leading the game by four points. West coasts’ Dean Cox kicked the ball towards straight heading towards Sydney’s territory. The whole stadium gasped! The sight was the best treat to the eyes, eight player mixes of red and white jerseys blue and yellow all went drifting up to the air, but alas! Sydney’s Leo Barry rose from the side to obtain the ball; this is when the turn of events happened. Later the siren was honked making the way to the mesmerizing the bouncy Barry who made all that happened.

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